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Studiometry 14.0.6 Released

There’s a new version of Studiometry available now with a few minor fixes and updates. Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed issue with the OK and Cancel buttons not being clickable in the To Do window on some Windows setups
  • Fixed issue with deleting parent tags not being possible on Windows because the confirmation dialogs cause issues
  • Fixed focus issues with the tag list editing window on Windows
  • Fixed a few minor spelling/grammatical errors


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Studiometry 14.0.5 Released

A quick update of Studiometry 14.x has been released with the following updates:

  • Can now show Invoice information as a column for Debt Credits in custom summaries
  • Logs will now show more of their content in lists when there is no subject entered for the log
  • To Do groups will now select the Outstanding filter by default when first selected
  • Smart To Do Groups with employee filters set will automatically filter out unassociated employees from second pane in main window
  • Will now show Linked Item link in notification window when viewing a notification sent from a specific employee regarding an item within Studiometry
  • Fixed various minor display glitches in main window
  • The Logs section in the client overview will now include items attached to associated items, such as Contacts, to match the client’s logs list
  • Will now include separate columns for Client and Project ID information when exporting the list of invoices

This version of Studiometry is free for all registered 14.x users as well as all Studiometry Cloud users.

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Studiometry 14.0.2 Released

We’ve released a small update of Studiometry to fix a couple of bugs and add a few improvements to 14.x. Full details:

  • Drastically improved performance in large databases when opening new invoice window and various other places when loading a list of Client’s Work & Expenses
  • Added option to Data columns to repeat data. This will show the same data on every page. Useful for showing things repeatedly like taxes, etc.
  • General improvements to the Today View display layout when drawing into smaller window sizes
  • Fixed issue where invoice running/paused timer warning would display incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where invoice window would erroneously show a warning that not all work items could be shown due to permissions
  • Fixed issue with dragging items on Windows in template editor
    Fixed issue with printing code based invoice and report templates on Mac in 64-bit

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Studiometry 14 goes 64-bit, adds scheduling, Today view, template editor enhancements, much more

We’re very excited to release Studiometry 14 today, a huge update to our award-winning business management app. We’ve added over 100 user-requested features and improvements. Here are just a few:

64-bit Power
Why is 64-bit so awesome? What does 64-bit even mean? It basically means that Studiometry can now take advantage of the full processing power of your computer. If you’ve got a large Studiometry database, create complex summaries, or run your own Studiometry server, you’ll see a big increase in performance. 64-bit is “the way of the future” as they say. So get on board and buckle up!

Schedule Work for employees and dates
Type-A personalities rejoice! You can now schedule estimated work for specific employees and dates. The new scheduling features give you a great visual representation of who’s doing what, and how much available time they have left each day. An easy and smart drag-and-drop interface lets you quickly schedule all of your estimated work.

Today View
Everything that’s on your plate for the day, all in one place. See your calendar events and meetings. Mark To Dos as completed or easily postpone them until tomorrow. See your scheduled hours against which you can easily create timers or enter worked hours. The Today View gives you an interactive overview of what you should be doing for the day.

Template Editor Improvements
We’ve made a ton of improvements to the invoice and report template editor. We’ve added rulers, grids, margins, snapping capabilities, and more. One of the biggest improvement is the ability to see previews of what’s in your Data Row areas, giving you a much better idea of what your generated invoices and reports will look like. Search functions and several other new features make it much easier and more enjoyable to make invoice templates.

Vendor & PO Improvements
We’ve improved many of the functions related to Vendors and Purchase Orders. Purchase Orders can now be marked as paid and have a new “date paid” field. Custom Summaries, the incredibly powerful and customizable reporting features in Studiometry, can now be based on your Purchase Orders or Vendored Items. Several new bells and whistles have also been added for the Vendor views and exported reports.

But that’s not all…

  • Project and Client Files can now be viewed in their overviews
  • Forms can now have multiple checkboxes in one field
  • Custom Summary presets will now save and sync between users
  • Can filter To Dos synced to iCal/Calendar based on a specific employee
  • Over 100 other user-requested features and updates

Available Now
Studiometry 14 is available today for download and purchase. As always, new users and users of previous versions can take advantage of our free 30-day trial. Upgrades from Studiometry 13.x start at $59.95 USD per license, while upgrades from 12.x or older are $99 USD per license.

Studiometry Cloud users can download and start using Studiometry 14 today without paying any upgrade fees.

What’s New in Studiometry 14:
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Studiometry 13.0.6 Released

New update with a lot of fixes and changes. You can now show some more details to clients logging in via Studiometry Cloud. We’ve also optimized and fixed some bottlenecks throughout the app. Full details below.

What’s New in Studiometry 13.0.6:

  • Can now show Deadline, Start Date, Completed Date for Projects in Studiometry Cloud client interface
  • Viewing the To Do list of a parent project will now correctly update the Tags filter and allow for filtering the view by Tags
  • Improved the background checking for paid invoices when creating/editing payments so that it won’t stall on databases with a large number of unpaid invoices
  • New option in Preferences Window > Billing > Advanced Billing > Ask to use Client Retainer funds when editing previously created unpaid Invoices
  • Fixed issue where sorting in Project’s invoices screen doesn’t always work
  • When syncing to Studiometry Cloud, there will now be a longer period of time that is allowed after the client a request for updates from the server initially
  • Will now load Clients much faster if they have a large amount of historical invoices
  • Selecting a resource in the calendars list will now correctly show that resource’s events
  • Fixed issue with creating payment applied to multiple invoices where invoice paid date would not automatically populate to the correct date

Studiometry 13.0.6 is a free update for Studiometry Cloud users and registered users of Studiometry 13.x, and is available now for download and purchase. New users as well as users of previous versions will get a free 30-day trial. Upgrades from Studiometry 12.x start at $59.95 USD per license, while upgrades from 11.x or older are $99.95 USD per license.