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Studiometry 16 is here!

We’re very excited to release Studiometry 16 today, a huge update to our award-winning business management app. We’ve added over 100 user-requested features and improvements. Here are just a few:

Send invoices and accept payments
When you save an invoice in Studiometry, your client can receive a link to view and pay it on the web. We’ve partnered with Stripe to let you securely accept payments on Studiometry Cloud that will be transferred directly to your bank account. Learn more and watch the video

Big Sur and Apple Silicon
Studiometry 16 is fully updated for Apple’s upcoming operating system, macOS 11 Big Sur. We’ve also made several changes to get Studiometry working on Apple Silicon chips, which are expected to be released later this year.

Invoice and Report Template Improvements
Lots of additions have been made to let you better customize your invoices and reports. You can now group work/expense items by category and show subtotals for each category. There’s a new customizable address format system. We’ve also added a large number of available variables for things such as invoice/report creator, tags, and more.

But that’s not all…

  • Collect client signatures during report approval that can be shown on the report
  • Custom summary improvements including more filtering and display options
  • Use Invoice/Report template variables in Project Stage templates and To Do suites
  • Restrict tag usage by employee
  • Over 100 other user-requested features and updates

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Available Today
Studiometry 16 is available today for download and purchase. As always, new users and users of previous versions can take advantage of our free 30-day trial. Upgrades from Studiometry 15.x start at $69.95 USD per license, while upgrades from 14.x or older are $119.95 USD per license.

Studiometry Cloud users can download and start using Studiometry 16 today without paying any upgrade fees.

What’s New in Studiometry 16:
Download Studiometry 16:
Buy Studiometry:


Studiometry Touch 2.1 adds estimate, report, and purchase order capabilities.

Some of Studiometry’s biggest features have made their way to the mobile app. You can now create, generate, and send estimates, reports, and purchase orders with Studiometry Touch 2.1 on your iOS device.

Use your branded templates to send clients beautiful estimates on the go. Learn More

Syncing without thinking

It’s incredibly easy to get your Studiometry data synced between your iPhone, iPad and Mac or PC. With a Studiometry Cloud account, you simply sign in and your data is automatically synced to your devices and machines. Make a change on one and it magically appears on the rest!

With Studiometry Cloud, you’re still using the native iOS, Mac, and Windows apps, and the data is still stored locally on your devices so it can be accessed even without an internet connection.

Get in Touch

Studiometry Touch is included at no additional cost with an active Studiometry Cloud account. If you’re not using Studiometry Cloud, Touch licenses are $39.95 USD / year.

Studiometry Touch 2.x requires Studiometry 12.x or newer for syncing. If you’re still using an older version of Studiometry, you can upgrade to 12.x for a discounted price, or go straight to Studiometry Cloud without paying to upgrade.

Get Studiometry Touch 2.1 on the App Store
Buy Studiometry 12
Learn about Studiometry Cloud


Studiometry Touch 2.0 Released with new interface, Cloud syncing, iOS 9 compatibility, and much more.

Studiometry Touch 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the app from the ground up. This version adds complete iOS 9 compatibility and a brand new interface, including optimized portrait and landscape orientation support for all device types.

Ready for Studiometry Cloud. Studiometry Touch 2.0 can now sync your data with Studiometry Cloud. Studiometry Cloud is a new service that acts as both your syncing backend and your Studiometry licenses. Easily synchronize data between any number of machines and iOS devices without having to set up a server or deal with firewall ports. Studiometry Cloud is a subscription-based service that includes syncing capabilities, native Mac, Windows, and iOS access, as well as partial web access.

Track Logs. The popular Logs CRM feature from Studiometry has made its way over to mobile. Easily log phone calls, meetings, emails, and more on your mobile device. Studiometry Touch 2.0 can even automatically capture Logs when placing phone calls from the app!

More Frequent Updates. Studiometry Touch is now built using the same development tool (Xojo) we use to create Studiometry and Studiometry Cloud. This gives us the ability to share code between our various platforms and save time developing new features. What does this mean for our users? That they will receive much more frequent updates to Studiometry Touch, and that they will see more features from the desktop app make their way to the mobile app.

Studiometry 12 or newer is required for syncing with Studiometry Touch 2.0. Studiometry Touch 2.0 is available for download now from the App Store:

Studiometry Touch is included free with an active Studiometry Cloud account. More details about Studiometry Cloud are available at:

For non-Cloud users wishing to purchase traditional Studiometry licenses, Studiometry Touch costs $39.95/device/year. See the Studiometry Touch FAQ for more information.


Studiometry 10.0.1 Released

We’ve released our first update to Studiometry 10.x, and it’s available immediately. If you own a Studiometry 10.x license, this is a free update for you. If you have 9.x or older you can purchase discounted upgrade licenses at our store. This update improves syncing to Calendar/Reminders, adds several new options for creating new projects, and updates and improves some networking code. This update also adds improved syncing capabilities for Studiometry Touch 1.8, which is also being released today.

See the details:

Download Studiometry:

Purchase Studiometry:


Studiometry Touch Now Available for iPad

Studiometry Touch 1.5 has been released and is now iPad native! See the full press release here:
Studiometry Touch Now Available for iPad

We’ve also added several other features and fixes to this version for existing iPhone users, which you can see below:

  • Universal app now includes iPad support
  • Can now set a passcode lock specifically for Studiometry Touch
  • Will now show notification when creating new items
  • Can now use standard date/time picker when editing due/end dates of events
  • New Add Blueprint rows in Project’s Work tab
  • Will automatically clear values when selecting text fields that have entered values of zero
  • Changing the start date of an event will automatically update the end date to be after
  • Fixed an issue with default values when creating new items
  • New option to disable auto-selecting of newly created payments
  • Fixed display issue for To Dos with no set due times
  • Fixed an issue loading clients and projects that do not have set categories
  • Date picker will now initialize with current date selected if there is no associated date

Download Studiometry Touch 1.5:

Purchase Studiometry Touch:

Read More About Studiometry Touch: