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Apple News is a great way to read about the stories and topics that interest you.  There are countless blogs and posts on project management, invoicing, CRM, and everything else Studiometry and Accounted users might find interesting. And now you can now access our blog from Apple News!

Here’s the direct link you can use on any iOS 9 device:
Oranged Software Blog

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Studiometry Cloud is the easiest way to sync your data across machines and devices.

Studiometry Cloud is the easiest way to use Studiometry across all of your computers and devices. Access and seamlessly sync your Studiometry data on Mac, Windows, iOS, and the web. All of the following is included in a subscription:

  • Cloud syncing for an individual or a team, from anywhere over the internet
  • Access and sync your data in our native Mac, Windows, and iOS apps
  • Web browser access for certain features
  • Zero-hassle setup. No need to manage a server, edit firewall ports, or deal with IP addresses
  • No initial investment. Your first month is free, and then you can choose to pay monthly or yearly after that
  • Always have the newest version of Studiometry and never pay upgrade fees
  • Studiometry Touch included in monthly fee

Studiometry Cloud is available for $15 per employee per month, billed annually. Or $18 per employee month-to-month. This price includes your license(s), so there is no need to purchase a traditional Studiometry license.

For more details about Studiometry Cloud, please visit:


Studiometry 10 Beta Signups Open

If you haven’t already, you can sign up for the Studiometry 10 Beta. This will give you early access to Studiometry 10 and let you test and try the new features in the upcoming release. More information, as well as sign up instructions are available on our Support site here:


Studiometry Express announced, available now on Mac App Store

Studiometry Express is a powerful Project and Client management program used to plan, track, and bill for your work. Tons of features and tools are neatly wrapped into one convenient package to manage your entire business.

Studiometry Express is a smaller, single-user only version of our award-winning project management tool, Studiometry. Studiometry Express is designed for and exclusively distributed on the Mac App Store.

Compare the Express and Full versions of Studiometry:

Check out Studiometry Express on the Mac App Store:

Studiometry Express is on sale now on the Mac App Store for an introductory price of $74.99 for the first week only. After that, Studiometry Express will be available for $99.99.


New Training Video: Taxes in Studiometry

We’ve been having quite a few questions recently about how to handle, apply, and present taxes in Studiometry. So we made a video:

Also, you’ll notice the link goes to our shiny new support site. We’re stashing all of our training videos on our support site now to make them searchable and to allow discussion on each video. Check back soon to see some upcoming features for Studiometry 9!