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Accounted 3.0 and Studiometry 8.2 Released

We’ve been busy working on and releasing new updates to both Accounted and Studiometry. Both are now available for download, and you can check out the associated articles for each release below:

Accounted 3.0 Adds Over 25 New Features and Updates

Studiometry 8.2 Adds 35 User-Requested Updates

Also, if you didn’t already notice, the press releases were posted to our new, combined forums/knowledge base/support ticket site. You can comment on the articles using the same account that you’d use to open support tickets.


Studiometry 8.1 Adds Cloud Syncing, iCal updates, more

Studiometry 8.1 is available now as a free update for registered 8.x users, and features many updates including:

  • Compatible with Could syncing services such as Dropbox for single-user setups and a couple other situations
  • New day-view in calendar
  • Will now alert you when there are surplus amounts on payments that can be applied to new invoices
  • iCal syncing can now import items created in iCal as well as delete items from Studiometry that have been deleted in iCal
  • Can now manually set the data folder location, allowing compatibility with shared network drives as well as cloud syncing services

We’ve also added and updated several knowledge base articles with more information regarding the data location settings (here, here, and here).

For the full version history on Studiometry 8.1 check out the forum post at:

Download Studiometry:

Buy Studiometry:


New blog software: new RSS feed location.

We’ve changed our blog from Blogger over to WordPress. If you’re a follower of the blog you’ll have to update your RSS feed to our new location:

We’re excited about the shiny new blogging software and we plan on using it to share a lot of new information about Studiometry Touch as well as the upcoming Studiometry 8.0 release we’re working on for late 2010.


User Forums Are Back!

After a few years without user forums, we’ve recreated the user forums and plan on building a more open community of Studiometry and Accounted users!

The forums are available here:

Also, if you’re interested in signing up for the Studiometry 7 beta, this will be done through the new forums. More information is available here:


Oranged Software User Survey (win a $200 gift card!)

We want to hear from our users! Come fill out the user feedback survey here and you’ll be entered to win a $200 Apple Gift Card.

We’ve been making some great advancements with Studiometry 7.0 and an iPhone version of Studiometry lately and we want to get as much feedback as possible.

More information is available on the survey page: