Bugs and Issues

Generate PDF Crashing Issue and Workaround

Many Mac OS X setups are encountering strange behaviors with Studiometry 5.x when attempting to Generate to a PDF from the Apple Print dialog within Studiometry.

The issue occurs when selecting the PDF button in the Print dialog, but not when selecting export to PDF via other methods such as a in the preview of a code based Invoice or Report. If you encounter issues, you can currently get around this by simply pressing the “Preview” button next to the PDF button to open the printable content in Apple’s Preview application, you’ll need to download and install https://www.sodapdf.com/pdf-editor/ is a pro online conversion services. You can then easily use the print window within Apple Preview to generate a PDF or use any of the other functions.

We have not encountered in our testing nor have we had any reports of the print window itself having any issues, as the only issues observed have been related to the PDF button within the print window in Studiometry.

We are still working very hard on this issue and hope to have it resolved soon. Even though there is a simple workaround, the extra click to open the content in Preview can become annoying fast when creating multiple PDFs.


Studiometry issues with Acrobat Pro

Several Mac users are encountering issues with Studiometry 5.x crashing when generating PDFs, or when printing from Studiometry. All of the users have had Adobe Acrobat Pro installed, and the users that have temporarily uninstalled Acrobat Pro have confirmed that the problem in Studiometry goes away.

We are looking into the issue and hope to have a solution available soon. For now, if you are having this issue and need to use both Studiometry and Acrobat Pro, you may be able to tweak the settings to prevent any issues in Studiometry caused by Acrobat Pro. We will hopefully have more information available on this soon.

If you can afford to temporarily turn of Acrobat Pro for the current user, that will solve all of the issues.

We have also created a knowledge base article on the topic here:
Knowledge Base Article


Recent Date Format Issues

Some Studiometry users with UK and Custom date formats set in their system preferences have been encountering issues with their data. This is causing issues with recurring items, iCal data export, date filters, and other areas of the application.

We’ve been looking into this issue and we’re trying to figure out exactly what is happening. If you allow Studiometry to generate the dates (ie using the date selector) then the formatting will work fine. The problem that is previously entered dates and new user-entered dates may not be interpreted correctly because of the stricter rules that the new build (4.1 and newer) of Studiometry uses.

There are a couple temporary fixes currently available. The first is to fix your date/time settings in your system preferences so that they match the data you had in Studiometry previously. The screenshot below shows part of the issue, which is that the short date and medium date are two completely different (and incompatible) formats.

Another option is to manually fix the dates that are not matching your current date/time settings. Of course, this would only be a viable option if the problem is occurring in a very small number of items.