Studiometry 16.1.2 Released

Studiometry 16.1.2 is available now with a couple of particular bug fixes, as well as some new invoice template variables and quality of life enhancements. If you have your employee password saved, Studiometry will automatically attempt to login once on launch to save a few clicks when first getting into the app. We only have so many clicks to use in life, we shouldn’t waste them needlessly.

  • Mass email window can be filtered by custom groups and smart groups
  • ProjectEstimatedMinusBillableTotal invoice and report template variable added
  • ProjectEstimatedMinusBillableHours invoice and report template variable added
  • ProjectEstimatedMinusBillableHoursFormatted invoice and report template variable added
  • ProjectBillableTotal invoice and report template variable added
  • Will now automatically attempt to log in on launch if you have your employee and password saved
  • Will indicate in Edit Picture button if a picture is already attached to a work item in the work editing window
  • Fixed issue on Mac with default invoice save location on external hard drives
  • Improved pathing in general to local files to use more updated and reliable system methods
  • When editing a timer, if you change the rate and then attempt to stop or pause the timer before saving, the window warn you and prevent the action to ensure there isn’t a miscalculation

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Studiometry 16.1.1 Released

Studiometry 16.1.1 is now available. This update has a few new features and some other fixes/updates. See full details below:

  • Updated app icon to match new Apple standards
  • Added a new window to easily view all of a Contact’s assigned Projects. Accessible by right-clicking on a Contact and selecting View Assigned Projects
  • Changing project’s Live status in overview will now immediately save changes to database
  • Template Editor: Can now click the Font label next to font dropdowns to open a larger, searchable font window
  • Smaller titlebar for main Studiometry window
  • Unbilled Amounts for Projects can now be shown as a field in the Projects Quoted vs Actual built-in summary
  • Fixed issue with not being able to click scrollbar in leftmost pane in main window


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Studiometry 16.1 Released

Studiometry 16.1 is out as a free update for Studiometry Cloud and registered Studiometry 16.x users. You can see the full version history below:

  • Added option in the Employee editing window that allows each employee to default to Non-Billable when entering time, overriding the project’s settings
  • Added filtering option for Project statuses. You can now hide projects of a specific status from certain selection lists. So if want to filter out On Hold projects, for example, they appear in the selectable lists when creating new timers or time sheets
  • Added project start and deadline columns to Client’s Projects list view
  • Will check and warn if attempting to switch a project to live when it is not possible via the Project Overview
  • Will now ask to automatically change parent/sub projects to live or non-live if necessary when attempting to change a project’s live status
  • Custom summaries will now include Debt/Credit extra info line when exporting to delimited text
  • Changed behavior of ItemInfoUnitPriceOrRate to include currency symbols
  • Added ItemInfoUnitPriceOrRateNoCur template variable to show unit price or rate without currency


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Studiometry 16 is here!

We’re very excited to release Studiometry 16 today, a huge update to our award-winning business management app. We’ve added over 100 user-requested features and improvements. Here are just a few:

Send invoices and accept payments
When you save an invoice in Studiometry, your client can receive a link to view and pay it on the web. We’ve partnered with Stripe to let you securely accept payments on Studiometry Cloud that will be transferred directly to your bank account. Learn more and watch the video

Big Sur and Apple Silicon
Studiometry 16 is fully updated for Apple’s upcoming operating system, macOS 11 Big Sur. We’ve also made several changes to get Studiometry working on Apple Silicon chips, which are expected to be released later this year.

Invoice and Report Template Improvements
Lots of additions have been made to let you better customize your invoices and reports. You can now group work/expense items by category and show subtotals for each category. There’s a new customizable address format system. We’ve also added a large number of available variables for things such as invoice/report creator, tags, and more.

But that’s not all…

  • Collect client signatures during report approval that can be shown on the report
  • Custom summary improvements including more filtering and display options
  • Use Invoice/Report template variables in Project Stage templates and To Do suites
  • Restrict tag usage by employee
  • Over 100 other user-requested features and updates

Available Today
Studiometry 16 is available today for download and purchase. As always, new users and users of previous versions can take advantage of our free 30-day trial. Upgrades from Studiometry 15.x start at $69.95 USD per license, while upgrades from 14.x or older are $119.95 USD per license.

Studiometry Cloud users can download and start using Studiometry 16 today without paying any upgrade fees.

What’s New in Studiometry 16: http://www.oranged.net/studiometry/whatsnew/
Download Studiometry 16: http://www.oranged.net/studiometry/download/
Buy Studiometry: http://www.oranged.net/store/


Studiometry 15.0.6 Released

We’ve released another small update of Studiometry 15.x aimed at getting macOS Catalina to play nice  with system integrations (Apple Mail, Contacts, Calendar, etc) and also to fix a few minor bugs and issues.

Studiometry 16 features and details will be available very soon — we’ve been working hard on the new version of the app and are excited to get it into your hands! The full version history for Studiometry 15.0.6 is below:

  • Fixed issue with repeating items sometimes appearing on incorrect dates in week/day view
  • More updates to try to get macOS Catalina to play nicely with system integrations and AppleScript
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements


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