Accounted now available in Mac App Store – 50% off for first week

We’ve released our first product into Apple’s shiny, relatively new Mac App Store. We’re glad to be a part of Apple’s next move in terms of desktop software, and we plan on having other products available in the Mac App store in the future. Accounted 3.0.1 is now available (and on sale) at the App Store here:

See Accounted on the Mac App Store

If you’re not on a compatible Mac, or you don’t want to use the Mac App store, we will ALWAYS sell, support, and maintain our non-AppStore products just as we always have.

Be sure to check it out soon, currently Accounted is for sale on the Mac App Store for $39.99 USD (down from $79.95 USD)!!


Accounted 3.0 and Studiometry 8.2 Released

We’ve been busy working on and releasing new updates to both Accounted and Studiometry. Both are now available for download, and you can check out the associated articles for each release below:

Accounted 3.0 Adds Over 25 New Features and Updates

Studiometry 8.2 Adds 35 User-Requested Updates

Also, if you didn’t already notice, the press releases were posted to our new, combined forums/knowledge base/support ticket site. You can comment on the articles using the same account that you’d use to open support tickets.


Studiometry and Accounted Updates

Studiometry 6.1.5 and Accounted 2.0.2 have both been released today. These are both free updates for registered users and can be downloaded now from the usual download links.

More info available via the links below:
Studiometry 6.1.5
Accounted 2.0.2


Accounted Nightly Builds Now Available

Just like the Studiometry nightly builds, we now have a section dedicated to Accounted nightly builds. These are pre-releases intended to get updates and requests out as soon as possible for testing and use.

These builds will require registration just the same as any other Accounted version. They will also technically be considered the same as the current official release version (for example: Accounted 2.0.1 pre-release will be Accounted 2.0nb, while Accounted 2.1.2 pre-release would be Accounted 2.1.1nb) so that you can still be alerted when the final version is released.

The nightly builds page is available here:

And for good measure, a re-link to the Studiometry nightly builds:


Accounted 2.0 Adds Over 50 Updates

Oranged Software is proud to release the newest version of our popular accounting package, Accounted. Accounted 2 is now available, adding over 50 new features, fixes, and updates. Included are new Profit & Loss and Cash Flow reports, multiple currency capabilities with automatic exchange rate updating, tax accounts, and much more.

This paid-for upgrade will give you all of the new features and changes, plus free updates until Accounted 3.0 is released. For more information, check out the What’s New link, or download the demo and try it out now!

Download Accounted 2.0 for Mac OS X
Download Accounted 2.0 for Windows
What’s new in Accounted 2?
Version History
Accounted 2 Press Release