Helpful Areas of the Oranged Software Website

There are a few areas of the Oranged Software website that you may not have noticed.

The Studiometry archives contain almost every single version of Studiometry that has been released. If you ever need to download an older version of Studiometry, the archives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Studiometry Archives

If you ever lose your serial number(s) or would like a consolidated list of all of your numbers, you can use the Serial Number Lookup page. This page will give you access to Studiometry serial numbers all the way back to version 2. The form will send your serial numbers to the registered email address used when purchasing the licenses.
Serial Number Lookup


Studiometry Consultants Program Open for Registration

If you or your company are solutions consultants and would like to add Studiometry to the list of your solutions, Oranged software invites you to join our Partner Program as a Consultant.

Certified Studiometry Consultants can offer implementation, data conversion, support or training services for Studiometry. The services you offer will be specified in your Partner Listings profile. Studiometry prospects and customers can then search for a consultant near them and view your listing. Oranged Software will also actively direct leads to Studiometry Consultants.

You can now submit you application to begin the registration and certification process.

Studiometry Consultants Program


Studiometry Features List Released

We’ve just added to our website an almost-complete Studiometry Feature List. All of these features are included when you purchase just one single-user license of Studiometry.

Studiometry Features List


Filtered Totals in Work Tab

Here’s a little tip that can help some users. When viewing a Project’s Work tab, you can click on the total box underneath the work list to filter by Billable, Non-Billable, and All Items. This setting will be saved on a per-machine basis and will be saved between launches.


Recent Date Format Issues

Some Studiometry users with UK and Custom date formats set in their system preferences have been encountering issues with their data. This is causing issues with recurring items, iCal data export, date filters, and other areas of the application.

We’ve been looking into this issue and we’re trying to figure out exactly what is happening. If you allow Studiometry to generate the dates (ie using the date selector) then the formatting will work fine. The problem that is previously entered dates and new user-entered dates may not be interpreted correctly because of the stricter rules that the new build (4.1 and newer) of Studiometry uses.

There are a couple temporary fixes currently available. The first is to fix your date/time settings in your system preferences so that they match the data you had in Studiometry previously. The screenshot below shows part of the issue, which is that the short date and medium date are two completely different (and incompatible) formats.

Another option is to manually fix the dates that are not matching your current date/time settings. Of course, this would only be a viable option if the problem is occurring in a very small number of items.