Studiometry 5.0.6 Update Available

Studiometry 5.0.6 has several important bug fixes, including a fix for certain date formats, network syncing, and others. This update also includes a few other minor changes and updates put in before the upcoming Studiometry 5.1 release.

New In Version 5.0.6:
– Fixed an issue where the email sending window would not close on certain machines after sending an email of a code-based invoice
– Fixed issue with certain information in the main window not updating correctly on networked machines
– Fixed an issue with certain date formats showing a 4 digit year of 0007 instead of 2007, for example
– Fixed an issue where Project Spec info would not be immediately editable on certain setups without first tabbing to the field
– Fixed an issue where equation calculation could cause issues on Windows machines
– Fixed a rare issue with deleting categories over a networking causing an exception dialog on launch

Mac Download: Link
Windows Download: Link
Version History: Link
What’s New in Version 5: Link
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Unofficial Studiometry User Forums

A new Studiometry user forum is now open to the public over at:

These forums are not hosted, run, or sponsored by Oranged Software. They are run by a Studiometry user and are an open forum to discuss anything you’d like about Studiometry.

The Oranged Software staff will be stopping by occasionally to try to answer questions and help people out with any issues, but we’d like to reiterate that we are not affiliated with the forums and we would recommend still using our support site for your tech support needs: