Accounted 1.1.1 Update Available

Accounted 1.1.1, a free update for registered Accounted 1.x users, adds several small updates and fixes to the growing application. For a full list of changes, please visit the version history link below.

Accounted is now available for purchase and syncs directly with the award winning Studiometry package.

Download Accounted: Mac | Windows
Version History: Here
Purchase Accounted: Here


Studiometry 5.1.1 Update Available

Studiometry 5.1.1 adds several new features and fixes to the recent 5.1 release. This update, which is free for all registered Studiometry 5.x users, adds several new features such as the ability to set detailed notes for debt/credit categories on a per project basis. You can now also create multi-page layouts for Tax, Employee, and Category data columns in Invoice and Report templates. Please visit the version history for the full list of changes included in this update.

Mac Download: Link
Windows Download: Link
Version History: Link
What’s New in Version 5: Link
Purchase Studiometry: Link