Studiometry 5.1.5 Update Available

Studiometry 5.1.5 fixes a few small issues related network syncing and invoice generation. This is a recommended update for all registered 5.x users. Please visit the version history for the full list of changes included in this update.

Also don’t forget that anyone purchasing Studiometry 5.x will now receive a free upgrade to Studiometry 6.0 when it is released later this summer!

Mac Download: Link
Windows Download: Link
Version History: Link
What’s New in Version 5: Link
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Sneak Peak: Studiometry 6.0 Data Rows Feature

Studiometry 6 will have a great new addition to the visual Invoice and Report template editor: Data Rows. Currently to display, for example, work items on an Invoice you need to set up several Data Columns, where each column represents a specific variable for each item on an invoice. See the image below.

This setup of Data Columns will produce something similar to the following:

Data columns are great for setting up basic invoices, but they don’t allow you to create more advanced layouts. Data rows address this by allowing you to setup a template-within-a-template that will be repeated for each item. You design the entire “row” that will be created for each item, which can include variables, images, graphics objects, and text.

One of the great parts of Data Rows is the ability to have each row stretch vertically to fit all of the data for a specific item. This allows for invoices that can show large amounts of text for each item, which works great with the Extra Info field when editing a Debt/Credit item.

Here is an example setup for a Data Row where the row is set to expand vertically based on the data available for the ItemExtraInfo tag.

This row will be reproduce for all items on an invoice, and we have set the ItemExtraInfo tag to expand vertically based on the available content. Here is what it can produce:

The Data Row feature gives you the power to design exactly how each item will appear on an invoice, including all fonts, sizes, colors, and graphics for the associated item. This feature brings Studiometry up to an entirely new level of flexibility and control over the already powerful Invoice and Report template system.

Studiometry 6 is slated for a late Summer 2008 release. Be sure to keep an eye on the Studiometry Blog for more sneak peaks at upcoming Studiometry features.