Studiometry 6.0.2 Update Available

Studiometry 6.0.2 update adds a couple of new features and tweaks and also fixes a few small issues. This update is free for all registered Studiometry 6.x users. See below for the full version history.

– Will now preview the ID number that a Project will be created with in the New Project window
– Added Client Related Invoice/Report tags: ClientNumberOfProjects, ClientNumberOfLiveProjects, ClientHoursTotal, ClientEstimatedTotal, ClientTotalAmount, ClientBalance
– Speed improvements when loading the Client’s Project tab
– Will now by default show the total time for a timer in the Status Item as opposed to the current interval
– Will update the times for running times in the Status Item menu much more frequently
– Fixed a display issue where a visual template editor would scroll down about 40 pixels when clicking on the editor for the first time
– Fixed an issue where recurring Debt/Credits could recur when launching Studiometry when they shouldn’t have
– Fixed an issue that wouldn’t allow you to modify Debt/Credits entered into the Accounting window
– Fixed an issue where manually changing the color of a client or project may not immediately update on the network
– Fixed an issue where the display would be off center if you quit Studiometry with the Client/Project list horizontally expanded
– Fixed an issue with tax totals on Reports
– Added several hidden functional report tags to the list of available variables
– Will now enter sample information for your company contact info when first launching Studiometry

Download Studiometry 6.0.2 for Mac OS X
Download Studiometry 6.0.2 for Windows
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