Commenting Now Available on Nightly Builds

We’ve added the ability to comment on Studiometry Nightly Builds to help us – and the community – further the development of Studiometry. If you’re using the Nightly Builds, we highly recommend using the Comments section of the Nightly Builds when you run into any issues OR if they work perfectly for you. As always, the more feedback the better!

Studiometry Nightly Builds


Studiometry 6.1.1 Released

Studiometry 6.1.1, a free update for registered Studiometry 6.x users, is a sizable update to the already robust 6.1 release. This update adds percentage based discounts and fees for Invoices, Multi-Project Invoice ghosting, search window export, and more. Full available via the Version History link below.

Download Studiometry 6.1.1 for Mac OS X
Download Studiometry 6.1.1 for Windows
What’s new in Studiometry 6?
Version History


Studiometry Nightly Builds Now Available

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a new section to our Studiometry website, Studiometry Nightly Build, which allows us to get fixes out quicker to the users who need them. These won’t be truly “nightly,” as there won’t be an update every single night, but they will be updated whenever a stable build is available that contains updates or fixes that users need.

These builds will require registration just the same as any other Studiometry version. They will also technically be considered the same as the current official release version (for example: Studiometry 6.1.1 pre-release will be Studiometry 6.1nb, while Studiometry 6.1.2 pre-release would be Studiometry 6.1.1nb) so that you can still be alerted when the final version is released.

The nightly builds page is available here: