Studiometry 7.0.4 is out!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Will now show Client and Project IDs in the Running Timer window and To Do tracker and several other locations
  • Will now include the Date column when exporting from the View Timesheet window
  • Will now show the invoice’s paid date for the Date information in a Payment Data Row’s retainer payment line
  • Can now enter carriage returns into Invoice notes field
  • Changed the title of invoice and report viewing windows to produce better output when printing
  • Can now have multi-line descriptions in the custom retainer adjustment window
  • Should no longer crash on Mac OS 10.3 when resizing the client and project list vertically
  • Will now automatically disable the Report Field content box if no field is selected
  • Will now show the correct project file count in the Files tab if file serving is turned on
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent items from being deleted in the View Timesheet window
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a To Do or Spec Suite could potentially cause the New Project button to not work correctly
  • Fixed a display issue where visual report template preview would not load if you had no visual invoice templates in your system
  • Updated German localization

Here’s where you get it:

Here’s where you buy it:

We have upgrades available from 6.x for $59.95 USD, and upgrades available from older versions for $99.95 USD.

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