Studiometry 8.0 Archiving Features

It’s that time of the year again when we start previewing the new features and advancements that we’re developing for the next big Studiometry update. Today I’ll go into detail about the upcoming Project Archiving features.

There are many Studiometry users that have literally tens of thousands of items in their database due to constant use over the course of several years. While Studiometry is both accommodating to and optimized for huge amounts of data, some users would still like to simply archive and forget about old jobs, work, invoices, and reports.

Right now the closest way of accomplishing this is by marking clients or projects as non-live, which hides the item from most parts of the program. The problem with this is that non-live projects and their associated items are still loaded into memory, still checked for updates when syncing, and are generally still “there” in the program. Project Archiving let’s you actually remove items from Studiometry completely, saving them onto your hard drive in a separate location until you decide to restore them at any time in the future.

We tested the speed benefits of archiving with a sample customer database containing 20,000 items and the results were quite remarkable. We archived all non-live projects and got the total number of active items down to 2,000. This caused the application’s initial loading time to be reduced from 0:15 seconds to just 0:04 seconds (~26% of the original), and the network syncing time to be reduced from 0:40 seconds to just 0:10 seconds (25% of the original).

The best part is that Studiometry maintains a list of archived projects that can easily be restored and loaded in just seconds. Restoring a project will automatically bring back all of the project’s debts, invoices, and reports and load it back into the program as if it never left.

Studiometry 8 will be released in late 2010. More information about this update will be available regularly here on our blog as well as our Twitter account.