Studiometry 8.1 Adds Cloud Syncing, iCal updates, more

Studiometry 8.1 is available now as a free update for registered 8.x users, and features many updates including:

  • Compatible with Could syncing services such as Dropbox for single-user setups and a couple other situations
  • New day-view in calendar
  • Will now alert you when there are surplus amounts on payments that can be applied to new invoices
  • iCal syncing can now import items created in iCal as well as delete items from Studiometry that have been deleted in iCal
  • Can now manually set the data folder location, allowing compatibility with shared network drives as well as cloud syncing services

We’ve also added and updated several knowledge base articles with more information regarding the data location settings (here, here, and here).

For the full version history on Studiometry 8.1 check out the forum post at:

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