Studiometry 9.0.1 Now Available

Registered 9.x users can download Studiometry 9.0.1 for free via the usual download link at:

Here’s the full version history:

  • Can now filter custom summaries based on Groups
  • Can now set customizable Contact name formatting using built in and custom contact fields
  • Added ClientContactFormattedName variable
  • When filtering logs by client, logs linked to contacts or projects attached to the filtered client will now appear
  • Moved and added several items to new Advanced billing settings window to clear up space in the Preferences Window Billing section
  • Can now create custom summaries that include only Billable and Non-Billable debt credits
  • Added option to use Project Specific default hourly timer as the default type when manually creating a work item
  • Added TaxableSubtotal and NonTaxableSubtotal variables
  • Can specify a port for outgoing SMTP email connections
  • Optimized client statement loading to prevent frequent bottlenecks for clients with a large number of projects
  • Fixed an issue where data columns could sometimes repeat a specific item once when showing data on multiple pages
  • Fixed an issue with Combo-Boxes not working correctly in the template item properties section
  • Fixed an issue calculating time when using certain am/pm formats
  • Will now correctly close a calendar picker window when the associated field has been closed
  • Will no longer include taxes in the Project Quoted vs. Actual Reports
  • Fixed a crashed caused by issues encoding certain characters in imported logs on Macs

If you haven’t upgrade to 9.x yet, be sure to check out what’s new in Studiometry 9.x. Upgrades from 8.x are $59.95 USD per license and include free updates until Studiometry 10.0 is released in late 2012.

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Studiometry 9 Feature Spotlight: Logs & Email Integration

Studiometry 9 has a plethora of new CRM features that help you track and organize your emails, phone calls, and correspondences. At the heart of these new capabilities are the new Log item type in Studiometry, as well as new Email Integration features.

Logs help you save and organize any emails, phone calls, or correspondences related to your clients and projects. The great part about logs is that they can be linked to nearly anything in Studiometry, such as projects or employees. You can later reference and filter the logs based on their links to focus on correspondences for individual items. Having the ability to quickly view and filter a list of all emails and phone calls related to a specific project can be a powerful tool, and will easily increase your organization and ability to reference client requests.

Email Integration
One of our most frequently requested features ever has been the ability to integrate with, and grab emails from certain mail programs. Great news! Studiometry 9 can integrate with several desktop mail applications (Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage & Outlook for Mac) and we will be adding support for many others in the future.

How does this actually help? Once you turn on mail integration, whenever you receive a relevant email Studiometry will automatically import it as a log and link it to your clients and projects. It will even make a link back to open the original email in Apple Mail. Having all of this pertinent information inside of Studiometry AND linked to your Studiometry data gives you unprecedented capabilities for following your project correspondences.

Without mail integration, an email would have to be pasted as text into the project notes, or searched for within your mail program whenever you wanted to reference it. Studiometry 9 has the built-in functionality to remove these cumbersome steps from your CRM workflow.

This is all included in the price of the program and does not require the purchase of any separate modules or plug-ins.

Better Email Controls
Studiometry 9 also has plenty of great new features for controlling your outgoing emails:

  • You can now setup an unlimited number of default Cc and Bcc addresses for any outgoing emails from the program.
  • You can also create and customize the formats for email subject and content when sending invoices and reports. Easily add your company name, the client’s name, due amounts, and several other variables directly to the text of the email automatically. This can even be used to set up direct payment links within the email.
  • Outgoing emails can be automatically captured as logs and linked to corresponding items. This is an incredibly useful too for referencing within Studiometry when invoices were actually sent, for example.
  • We’ve also strengthened the controls for selecting your outgoing email client. The setting is used throughout the program for all emails.
  • We’ve added the ability to send emails through Postbox, a popular email client.

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Full Version History:

Studiometry 9 is available immediately. Upgrades from 8.x are $59.95 USD per license, and new licenses are $199.95.


Studiometry 9 Feature Spotlight: Profit Tracking & Cost-Rates

Studiometry 9 gives you many new tools to help better analyze your business’s income and profit. In previous versions of Studiometry you were able to create items with “markup”, allowing you to enter your cost for the item as well as what you charge your clients. This is a great solution for “goods”, but for “services” there wasn’t a solution in place to track cost for hourly work items. Many Studiometry users have employees or contractors that they pay a specific amount per hour for their work, and in Studiometry 9 this can now be tracked using Cost-Rates.

Flexible Cost-Rate Settings
Cost-rates are, in a nutshell, how much you pay per hour for a specific work item. If you subtract this from the billed rate, you’ll end up with your profit.

Studiometry 9 gives you many flexible ways of tracking the cost-rates for your work items. It’s really a great system because you can set up Studiometry to automatically populate cost-rates based on your exact needs. Cost-rates can be set individually for Employees or Contractors, set by default for an entire Debt/Credit type, or set manually for each item. You can even choose to have certain Employee’s or Contractor’s cost-rate override the Debt/Credit type’s default cost rate.

Cost Rates

Powerful Profit Tracking Capabilities
Because of the new ability to track how much money you actually make for your work, Studiometry can now easily calculate and track profit for entire projects and clients. This adds a completely new metric for measuring the value of projects and employees, which could be used to help focus your business on more profitable projects and make more money.

Use Profit Data in Custom Summaries
The powerful Custom Summaries features get even better with profit integration in Studiometry 9. You can now calculate and display Profit based on client, project, employee, type, or specific date ranges within your summaries. The ability to, for example, see how much a specific employee actually made for your company in a certain time period can be a very useful analytical tool.

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Full Version History:

Studiometry 9 is available immediately. Upgrades from 8.x are $59.95 USD per license, and new licenses are $199.95.


Studiometry 9 Feature Spotlight: Template Updates

Tons of new invoice template features have been added for Studiometry 9, giving you much more control over how Studiometry produces and delivers invoices.

PDF Export
The big new feature is the ability to send invoices as PDFs. All emailing and exporting of invoices will now automatically be done as a standard PDF file, created using your customized templates. This gives many benefits over the previous PNG exporting, including much better native text display, zooming capabilities, and the ability to copy text from the delivered invoice. It’s a much more flexible and standardized delivery method that will make reading invoices easier for your clients.

Much Better Page Control
Previous versions of Studiometry only had one option in terms of pages for invoice templates: the first page would be shown once, and the second page would repeat until all items have been displayed. This works “good enough”, but many users wanted to be able to customize this behavior. In Studiometry 9, you have complete control over the number and type of pages in an invoice template. You can create any number of unique pages, and then select whichever page you’d like to be the “repeating” page. This means you could, for example, have a cover page, several pages of items, and then a final “totals” page at the end. This was not possible in previous versions of Studiometry, but now it, and many other configurations are possible in Studiometry 9.

Add Links into your Templates
Thanks to the introduction of PDF exporting, we now have the ability to add clickable links to invoice output. This means that you can easily add a “pay now” link to your invoice that your client can click. Links can even contain dynamic variables, meaning you could include a price or email within the link to create a Paypal payment link, for example.

PDF Backdrops
A great new addition to Studiometry 9 is the ability to use a PDF as a backdrop for your invoice templates. This means you can design the background of your template in whatever program you’d like, and then drop the PDF into the background of your invoice template pages. Studiometry will simply draw the information and prices for the items on top of the existing PDF. It’s a great, quick way to easily make customized invoice templates.

Specified Categories
Studiometry already has some great features available if you like to summarize items on your invoice by category. The only problem is that many people were saying “I don’t want a specific category appearing in the category summaries”. In Studiometry 9, you can specify on a per-template basis which categories will appear in lists, giving you the power to create more customizable summaries.

Dynamic Item Visibility
Templates in Studiometry 9 now give you the ability to show or hide items based on the status of the template. You can have a “paid” watermark that will automatically appear when generating the invoice only if the invoice is actually paid. You can also add overdue notices, retainer statuses, and more based on the new “Show” setting for template items.

Many Other Additions

  • You can now show percentages of variables (great for asking for “half” of the total, for example)
  • You can display information about previous invoices
  • We’ve added about 20 new template variables

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Full Version History:

Studiometry 9 is available immediately. Upgrades from 8.x are $59.95 USD per license, and new licenses are $199.95.


Studiometry 9 Adds Mail Integration, PDF Capabilities, Client Statements, and 140 Improvements

It’s finally here! This is a huge update for us that’s been many months in the making. We’re very pleased with the amount of quality features we’ve added to our flagship product with this release. We’d like to say thank you to all of the great beta testers that helped find and report many issues as well as refine this release into a great product!

New Contacts List

If you’d like to do some reading about the update, you can check out the official press release, the overview “what’s new” page, or, if you’re really feeling ambitious, the full version history.

This version is available for download immediately, and also for sale on our store. Upgrades are $59.95 USD, new licenses are $199.95 USD.

Buy Studiometry 9.x on the Oranged Software Store:

Studiometry 9.0 is a “pay-for” upgrade from previous versions of Studiometry. Owners of previous versions will get a 30-day trial, but if you bought Studiometry 8.x or older before July 1st and you want all of the new features, you’ll need to purchase an upgrade license continue using 9.x after the trial expires.