Studiometry 9.2.1 Released

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on theĀ recent Studiometry 9.2 release and all of the great new features that have been added to Studiometry. With that, we’ve also received a few bug reports for small issues in certain areas of the program. Studiometry 9.2.1 includes several fixes and tweaks reported and requested by our users.

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Studiometry 9.2 Adds Over 40 Enhancements Including Improved Markups, Summaries, and Project Templates

Studiometry 9.2 is out now and this version has a huge list of improvements. We’ve added to the markup capabilities throughout the program and introduced default markups for each work and expense type. We added more control over the assignment and display of project IDs. We’ve also improved the project summaries and project templates with several user-requested updates. Check out the version history for the extensive list of changes. As always, Studiometry 9.2 is free for registered 9.x users.

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