Studiometry 12.0.1 improves subtasks and more in a free update for registered 12.x users

Studiometry 12 was released last week, and we’ve received a ton of positive feedback. We’d like to thank the early adopters and beta testers for upgrading to the new Studiometry and for sharing their thoughts! Users have been raving about the new organizing features and the cloud syncing capabilities. We’ve also received several suggestions for the new version, and we’re acting on some of these with Studiometry 12.0.1.

This update adds 15 refinements, features, and fixes to Studiometry 12, and we will be releasing many more free updates for Studiometry 12 users throughout the year.

Studiometry 12.0.1 is a free update for registered Studiometry 12.x users and is available today for download and purchase. New users and users of previous versions get a free 30-day trial. Upgrades from Studiometry 11.x start at $59.95 USD per license, while upgrades from 10.x or older are $125 USD per license.

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Studiometry Cloud is the easiest way to sync your data across machines and devices.

Studiometry Cloud is the easiest way to use Studiometry across all of your computers and devices. Access and seamlessly sync your Studiometry data on Mac, Windows, iOS, and the web. All of the following is included in a subscription:

  • Cloud syncing for an individual or a team, from anywhere over the internet
  • Access and sync your data in our native Mac, Windows, and iOS apps
  • Web browser access for certain features
  • Zero-hassle setup. No need to manage a server, edit firewall ports, or deal with IP addresses
  • No initial investment. Your first month is free, and then you can choose to pay monthly or yearly after that
  • Always have the newest version of Studiometry and never pay upgrade fees
  • Studiometry Touch included in monthly fee

Studiometry Cloud is available for $15 per employee per month, billed annually. Or $18 per employee month-to-month. This price includes your license(s), so there is no need to purchase a traditional Studiometry license.

For more details about Studiometry Cloud, please visit:


Studiometry Touch 2.0 Released with new interface, Cloud syncing, iOS 9 compatibility, and much more.

Studiometry Touch 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the app from the ground up. This version adds complete iOS 9 compatibility and a brand new interface, including optimized portrait and landscape orientation support for all device types.

Ready for Studiometry Cloud. Studiometry Touch 2.0 can now sync your data with Studiometry Cloud. Studiometry Cloud is a new service that acts as both your syncing backend and your Studiometry licenses. Easily synchronize data between any number of machines and iOS devices without having to set up a server or deal with firewall ports. Studiometry Cloud is a subscription-based service that includes syncing capabilities, native Mac, Windows, and iOS access, as well as partial web access.

Track Logs. The popular Logs CRM feature from Studiometry has made its way over to mobile. Easily log phone calls, meetings, emails, and more on your mobile device. Studiometry Touch 2.0 can even automatically capture Logs when placing phone calls from the app!

More Frequent Updates. Studiometry Touch is now built using the same development tool (Xojo) we use to create Studiometry and Studiometry Cloud. This gives us the ability to share code between our various platforms and save time developing new features. What does this mean for our users? That they will receive much more frequent updates to Studiometry Touch, and that they will see more features from the desktop app make their way to the mobile app.

Studiometry 12 or newer is required for syncing with Studiometry Touch 2.0. Studiometry Touch 2.0 is available for download now from the App Store:

Studiometry Touch is included free with an active Studiometry Cloud account. More details about Studiometry Cloud are available at:

For non-Cloud users wishing to purchase traditional Studiometry licenses, Studiometry Touch costs $39.95/device/year. See the Studiometry Touch FAQ for more information.


Studiometry 12 adds over 120 features and improvements.

Studiometry 12 is finally here! This huge update adds a ton of great new organizational features plus Studiometry Cloud syncing!

Studiometry 12 is available today for download and purchase. As always, new users and users of previous versions can take advantage of our free 30-day trial. Upgrades from Studiometry 11.x start at $59.95 USD per license, while upgrades from 10.x or older are $125 USD per license.

We’ve already made a couple blog posts about the new Work Week View and the Rate organizing features. On top of that, we’ve also added:

  • Syncing capabilities with the new Studiometry Touch 2.0
  • Studiometry Cloud syncing
  • Subtasks to help organize your to dos
  • Quick Note Entry window for timers
  • Partial Retina Support
  • New, faster database format
  • Invoice template improvements including custom variable formatting and many new variables
  • Over 120 more improvements…

What’s New in Studiometry 12:
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Also be sure to check out Studiometry Cloud and the new Studiometry Touch.