Studiometry and Accounted on macOS 10.15 Catalina

The newest version of macOS was released today and with it comes some new requirements for apps. First and foremost, it will ONLY run apps that are 64-bit. This means older, 32-bit apps will not run on Catalina.

Replica Watches: A Closer Look at Craftsmanship and Controversies

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What are Replica Watches?
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A Glimpse into History
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Quality and Craftsmanship
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The next requirement is called Notarization. This is a method that Apple is using that will hopefully help make Macs more secure and prevent viruses or malware. It basically means that each app is cleared by Apple before you download it, and then each time you launch it Apple will clear it again. Due to the amount of work necessary for developers to comply with Apple’s notarization process, the requirement for Notarization doesn’t go into effect until January 2020. If you need free antivirus for your pc then adaware antivirus download is the best option for you.

So the big question, do Studiometry and Accounted work in macOS Catalina? The answer is yes, as long as you have a semi recent version of each.


Yes, fully Catalina compatible (version 14.0 and newer)

Studiometry 14.0 (released 2017) and newer are 100% Catalina compatible. As long as you have Studiometry 14, Studiometry 15, or a Studiometry Cloud account (which gives you access to the current version of Studiometry), you’re good to go.

If you’re on Studiometry 13 or older, you will have to upgrade to a recent version of Studiometry, or sign up for Studiometry Cloud to gain access to current versions. We have discounted upgrades available for users of older versions, so please open a support ticket with your current registration information so we can let you know your upgrade options.

Studiometry Express

Not yet Catalina compatible, expected early 2020.

Currently Studiometry Express has not been updated in some time due to Mac App Store restrictions. Because of this, it is not 64-bit and will not run on Catalina. We hope to update Studiometry Express to include 64-bit capabilities as well as many of the other features recently included in the non-App-Store version of the app, but as of right now we don’t have an estimated date of completion for this. If you’re using Studiometry Express, we have upgrade options available to move from Express to the full version of Studiometry. Please open a support ticket and we can send over details.


Yes, fully Catalina compatible (version 4.1 and newer)

Accounted 4.x (first released in 2015) users have access to 64-bit as long as you update to version 4.1 or newer. If you own an Accounted 4.x license you’re good to go. If you’re on an older version of Accounted (2.x or 3.x) you’ll have to purchase an upgrade license to 4.x to get Catalina compatibility.

Accounted via the Mac App Store

Not yet Catalina compatible, expected late 2019.

Currently the version of Accounted available on the Mac App Store is 4.0.4. We added 64-bit capabilities in 4.1. We hope to update Accounted for the Mac App Store before the end of the year with these capabilities to get it ready for Catalina. If you’re on the App Store version and want to transition to the non-App Store version, please open a support ticket and we can help you with the transition.