Studiometry 7.1.2 Now Available

We’ve released another free update for registered Studiometry 7.x users: Studiometry 7.1.2. This version has quite a few updates and enhancements that have been requested by our users. A couple of notable changes:

  • You can now have Studiometry automatically fix any duplicate client or project ID numbers. Previously, you would have to access the server and confirm that you wanted changes to be made. With the new setting, Studiometry can now immediately fix any updates it finds while periodically checking for duplicate ID numbers. To enable this setting, go to the Preferences Window > ID Numbering section and under Identical IDs select Automatically Fix.
  • You can now once again choose a specific project when applying payments. In recent versions, due to the new split-payment ability allowing you to apply payments to multiple invoices, Studiometry would automatically calculate the highest paid project and associate the payment with it. We’ve had several requests to give the power back to the user to manually choose an associated project, and we’re happy to say that ability is now in Studiometry 7.1.2.

There are also several other updates and fixes in this version. We have upgrades available from 6.x for $59.95 USD, and upgrades available from older versions for $99.95 USD.

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