New Update Coming Soon

We are in the process of fixing a few small bugs for the next Studiometry release. There are workarounds for the two main issues people are currently encountering.

Currently, there are users (mainly on Windows) encountering crashes when editing Code Based report/invoice templates. If this is happening to you, try changing your Default Invoice Save location in your Preferences window > General section. This crash is caused if the folder marked as the default save location has been moved, renamed, or deleted. This issue has been fixed for Studiometry 4.1.3.

Some users on certain setups are encountering issues with the File Menu > Restore from Backup command. Sometimes the program will not correctly quit after restoring the backup, causing the copied backup file to be written over with the currently loaded data. This causes no data loss, but does not actually restore the backup file. To get around this:

1. Quit Studiometry
2. Locate your desired backup file and duplicate it
3. Rename the file “com.studiometry.plist”
4. Place the file at: Home/Library/Application Support/Studiometry/com.studiometry.plist
5. Launch Studiometry

This issue has been fixed for Studiometry 4.1.3 as well. We are expecting to release Studiometry 4.1.3 sometime early next week.