Studiometry Touch 1.1 Submitted to App Store

Studiometry Touch 1.1 adds several new features and updates, and has been submitted to Apple for review. Here’s the full list of updated in this version:

  • New Debt/Credit Blueprints let you easily add common items to your projects and invoices
  • Will now automatically add Blueprints associated with Project templates when creating new projects using templates
  • Can now add Blueprints to Projects via a new Add Blueprint button and a Project Action
  • Add Blueprint button added to home screen
  • Added Sync On Launch option to network settings to automatically initiate a sync when launching Studiometry Touch
  • Fixed a crash caused by adding a To Do to a client or a project from the Home screen
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some phone numbers to not correctly dial when selected
  • Can now correctly select Recurring debt/credit types
  • Will now show Recur amount for Recurring items in debt lists and item info screens
  • Fixed a display issue in the Advanced section when editing Recurring items
  • Many updated icons added throughout the app

Studiometry Touch licenses can be purchased individually or in a bundle with a new Studiometry license. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our Studiometry Touch site for more information:
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