Studiometry 8.0.1 Released

Studiometry 8.0.1 is now available as a free update for registered 8.x users. This update has several enhancements and tweaks to Studiometry 8.x, which was released earlier this month. Here’s the full version history:

  • Can now filter To Dos list by employee and completion status simultaneously
  • Will now longer show rates and amounts in the Search window for employees that do not have permissions
  • Can now clear date selection for filters in To Do and Invoice lists in the main window
  • Can now delete items from the weekly calendar view
  • Fixed an issue where the order of items in the Gantt chart would be incorrect when using Project Stages
  • Fixed an issue with the Windows date selector sometimes having the third week in reverse order
  • Fixed an issue with the attach information of To Dos not correctly appearing in the main window list
  • Fixed an issue with the main window opening prematurely when syncing

Studiometry 8.x is available now as a $59.95 USD upgrade for registered 7.x users, or a $99.95 USD upgrade for owners of Studiometry 6.x or older. New licenses are $199.95 USD; bundles and multi-user packs are available.

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