Studiometry 8.0.2 Released

Studiometry 8.0.2, a free update for registered 8.x users, has several updates and fixes a crashing issue some users were encountering on launch related to the calendar. Here is the full update list:

  • Adjustable visible hours for the weekly calendar view
  • Will now remember the last selected calendar view mode between launches
  • Several other tweaks and enhancements in the calendar
  • Added Plain White calendar theme
  • Added extra button for deleting project templates
  • Added Select All button in Address Book import window
  • Can now use SSL SMTP sockets when sending certain emails from Studiometry
  • Fixed issue with display of some items in certain localizations in To Do editing window
  • Fixed minor display issue in loading window
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent modifying individual ran times from updating a timers total hours
  • Removed some threading from the Calendar view to prevent a specific crash

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