Studiometry 8.0.3 Released

Studiometry 8.0.3, a free update for registered 8.x users, has new To Do Groups as well as 25 other enhancements. The full version history is available below.

To Do Groups, just like client and project groups, allow you to organize and sort your To Dos just like playlists sort songs in iTunes. You can even setup smart groups with specific rules to automatically find matching To Dos.

What’s New in Studiometry 8.0.3:

  • Can now create groups and smart groups that include To Dos
  • Can now filter Calendar view by Client or Project
  • Can now modify Debt/Credit and Payment exchange rates in the Search window via Mass Edit
  • Can now select specific employees for Project filters in smart groups
  • Can now select Public/Non-Public for Project filters in smart groups
  • New option to include unpaid invoices in Tax Reports
  • Can now specify contact related fields when importing delimited clients to also import contact information for the default contact
  • Will correctly show zero in Project Files tab counts when on a client machine connected to a server that has file sharing enabled
  • Fixed an issue with the Check All box in the Address Book importing window
  • Fixed an issue with the subject of emails when mailing visual reports
  • Fixed an issue generating report and invoice template previews on certain databases
  • Fixed an issue calculating total number of days for certain Gantt items when the user has set no valid weekdays
  • Fixed an issue with hour display not properly calculating at the bottom of the Enter Timesheet window
  • Changed wording of Date Filter for invoices section to include the word “Date”
  • Will immediately update dependent Gantt items when using the plan editing window to change the date of an item
  • Can now use the Group Edit button in the search window even if there is only one selected item
  • Plan editing window will show correct end date based on your custom week days
  • Will now automatically select an item when any group or type is selected in the main window
  • Will now respect the Sync Contact Company Name setting when syncing to Address Book on Mac OS 10.5 or newer
  • Will now save any text in the editing field when pressing OK in the Smart Group editing window
  • Will now show incremental build version numbers in loading and about windows
  • Will now remember multiple selections when reloading data in the To Dos list
  • Will now immediately update standard group counts when items are deleted
  • Can now correctly drag multiple To Dos simultaneously from To Do lists
  • Fixed issue with special characters being stored in default report template fields

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