Studiometry 9 Feature Spotlight: Template Updates

Tons of new invoice template features have been added for Studiometry 9, giving you much more control over how Studiometry produces and delivers invoices.

PDF Export
The big new feature is the ability to send invoices as PDFs. All emailing and exporting of invoices will now automatically be done as a standard PDF file, created using your customized templates. This gives many benefits over the previous PNG exporting, including much better native text display, zooming capabilities, and the ability to copy text from the delivered invoice. It’s a much more flexible and standardized delivery method that will make reading invoices easier for your clients.

Much Better Page Control
Previous versions of Studiometry only had one option in terms of pages for invoice templates: the first page would be shown once, and the second page would repeat until all items have been displayed. This works “good enough”, but many users wanted to be able to customize this behavior. In Studiometry 9, you have complete control over the number and type of pages in an invoice template. You can create any number of unique pages, and then select whichever page you’d like to be the “repeating” page. This means you could, for example, have a cover page, several pages of items, and then a final “totals” page at the end. This was not possible in previous versions of Studiometry, but now it, and many other configurations are possible in Studiometry 9.

Add Links into your Templates
Thanks to the introduction of PDF exporting, we now have the ability to add clickable links to invoice output. This means that you can easily add a “pay now” link to your invoice that your client can click. Links can even contain dynamic variables, meaning you could include a price or email within the link to create a Paypal payment link, for example.

PDF Backdrops
A great new addition to Studiometry 9 is the ability to use a PDF as a backdrop for your invoice templates. This means you can design the background of your template in whatever program you’d like, and then drop the PDF into the background of your invoice template pages. Studiometry will simply draw the information and prices for the items on top of the existing PDF. It’s a great, quick way to easily make customized invoice templates.

Specified Categories
Studiometry already has some great features available if you like to summarize items on your invoice by category. The only problem is that many people were saying “I don’t want a specific category appearing in the category summaries”. In Studiometry 9, you can specify on a per-template basis which categories will appear in lists, giving you the power to create more customizable summaries.

Dynamic Item Visibility
Templates in Studiometry 9 now give you the ability to show or hide items based on the status of the template. You can have a “paid” watermark that will automatically appear when generating the invoice only if the invoice is actually paid. You can also add overdue notices, retainer statuses, and more based on the new “Show” setting for template items.

Many Other Additions

  • You can now show percentages of variables (great for asking for “half” of the total, for example)
  • You can display information about previous invoices
  • We’ve added about 20 new template variables

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