Studiometry 5.0.3 Update Available

This update, which is free for registered users of Studiometry 5.x, fixes a few issues and also adds some minor features. Full list of updates available below:

– Can now add a description to a timer directly in the New Timer window
– Fixed an issue in the enter Timesheet window that could cause the project to change when re-selecting an item
– Changed keyboard shortcut for Project > New To Do to avoid a conflict with the Show/Hide toolbar shortcut
– Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when loading an employee list at the exact moment an employee is deleted on another machine on the network
– Fixed an issue that could occur in the New Debt/Credit window when changing to a category at the exact moment that category is delete on another machine on the network
– Slightly reworked some of the drawing of summaries, allowing for wider description fields when there are less fields selected. More advancements and flexibility in this area will be available in Studiometry 5.1.
– Added several new Invoice/Report Template variables: InvoiceTotalDueNoCur, InvoiceAmountReceivedNoCur, SubtotalNoCur, TaxAmountNoCur, TotalNoCur

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