Studiometry 10 Feature Spotlight: Week Timesheet

When it comes to tracking and entering your hours, Timesheets are the quickest way to add large amounts of work. If you forget to bill for a project, or even just one hour of work, you’re losing money.

A great new feature for Studiometry 10 is the addition of Weekly Timesheets. This new interface shows you the amount of work you’ve done in the week, making it easier to visually realize and remember the work you’ve entered. You can quickly modify daily hours while Studiometry does all of the filing and sorting for you in the background. You simply select a Project and Work Type, and then Studiometry will present you with a display of the amount of work done, per day, for that Project.

Week Timesheet Entry

Once you’re done, Studiometry will create, modify, or remove (with your permission, of course) work items based on your entered hourly amounts per day. If you want to go back later to make changes to the work week, Studiometry will present you with your current amounts, and intuitively show the amounts you’ve increased (green) or decreased (red):

Modifying Worked Hours

The interface lets you modify any number of projects simultaneously. You can “populate” the list by either manually selecting specific Project’s, or by using the Smart Populate feature. This feature lets you populate the list with either your Active Projects and Types for the week, or with a specific Group or Smart Group of Projects:

Auto-Populate the Week Timesheet with Projects

Once you select Populate, the Week Timesheet window will automatically add rows and select work types based on your selection, letting you can quickly add or modify your worked amounts.

This new feature is a great way to help organize, view, and enter your company’s worked hours. Logging and entering hours can be a tedious task. The new Week Timesheet makes it a breeze.


Studiometry 10 will be released in September 2012. Discounted upgrades will be available from all previous versions, new licenses start at $199.95 USD.

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