Studiometry 10 Feature Spotlight: Employee Roles

New to Studiometry 10 are Employee Roles. In addition to assigning employees to projects, you can now also assign customizable roles for each employee that show their purpose and responsibilities for the project.

The Basics

Studiometry lets you create a list of preset roles that can be quickly assigned to employees within your projects. Setting up assigned employees and their roles for a project is a breeze and requires just a few clicks. If you have a Project or a responsibility that’s outside of your normal role scope, Studiometry also lets you enter custom roles quickly and easily. Selecting “Custom Role” lets you type a new custom role type directly into the Roles list.

Automatically Assign Employee Roles

Using your Project Templates (Preferences Window > Project Templates), you can pre-populate employee roles based on your project types. For example, if Amanda always does the art direction on your Website projects, you can add add Amanda to your Website template and pre-assign her role as art director.

Now, when you create a new project using the Website Project Template, Amanda will be automatically assigned to the project, and her role will be automatically populated as Art Director.

Role Reporting

Your employee roles aren’t just limited to internal use. If you’d like to, you can now show Employee roles on your Invoices and Reports sent to your Clients. This is a great way to add a level of transparency and help organize communications between you and your clients.

Using the new EmployeeProjectRole variable for Invoice/Report templates, you can easily display the employee’s role alongside other employee information.

More To Come!

Roles are an exciting new feature for Studiometry 10, but we’re always looking ahead. We plan to utilize the Employee roles when developing future features within Studiometry. If that interests you, or you have ideas of how you’d like to further use Roles, please feel free to participate in our Feature Requests forums on our support site:


Studiometry 10 will be released in September 2012. Discounted upgrades will be available from all previous versions, new licenses start at $199.95 USD.

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