Studiometry 10 Adds Employee Roles, Weekly Timesheets, 150 Updates

It’s finally here! This is a huge update for us that’s been many months in the making. We’re very pleased with the amount of quality features we’ve added to our flagship product with this release. We’d like to say thank you to all of the great beta testers that helped find and report many issues as well as refine this release into a great product!

If you’d like to do some reading about the update, you can check out the official press release, the overview “what’s new” page, or, if you’re really feeling ambitious, the full version history.

This version is available for download immediately, and also for sale on our store. Upgrades are $59.95 USD, new licenses are $199.95 USD.

Buy Studiometry 10.x on the Oranged Software Store:

Studiometry 10.0 is a “pay-for” upgrade from previous versions of Studiometry. Owners of previous versions will get a 30-day trial, but if you bought Studiometry 9.x or older before July 1st and you want all of the new features, you’ll need to purchase an upgrade license continue using 10.x after the trial expires.