Studiometry 10 Feature Spotlight: New Project Work View

Your entire business revolves around work, so there’s a good chance you spend a lot of time in Studiometry’s Project Work tab. Entering, viewing, managing, and editing work all happen here. We’ve made a lot of great updates to this section for Studiometry 10 to improve both the visual and functional quality of one of the most used sections of Studiometry.

Grouping Capabilities

In Studiometry 10 you can now view a project’s work in subtotaled groups based on Employee or Work Type. This will show you the worked hours and amounts for each Work Type or each Employee, letting you quickly see an overview of how and where your Projects are going. The benefits of these grouping capabilities are obvious: you can quickly see who is doing the most work on a project, or easily summarize the types of work done and expenses associated with a Project. Having a quick summary like this directly within your Work section really helps you stay on top of the status of your Projects.

Filtering Capabilities

Another new viewing option is the ability to filter the work list by item mode. You can now show All Items, Billable, PO, Estimated, and Non-Billable. This works in conjunction with the grouping capabilities, letting you quickly see exactly what you want exactly how you want. Both the grouping and the filtering settings are saved, so Studiometry will keep track of the exact view settings you prefer.

Selected Items Subtotal

Another small, but possibly very useful update is amount and hour subtotals for your current selection. Studiometry updates to show totals based on the selected items in the work tab, giving you the ability to quickly select and total specified items.

All of these updates add up to make the work tab much more powerful and organized.


Studiometry 10 will be released in September 2012. Discounted upgrades will be available from all previous versions, new licenses start at $199.95 USD.

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