Another New Movie Available: Build A Simple Visual Invoice Template

This instructional movie clip covers how to make a general visual invoice template. The Visual Template Editor provides users without HTML or XML coding experience, an opportunity to create their own custom invoices and reports. This video examines how to use the tools the Visual Template Editor offers to enable any user to create appealing and function invoices and reports for clients.

The movie examines these elements of an invoice:

-Company Name
-Company Logo
-Client Contact Information
-Project Specific Information
-Listing Billable Items
-Payment Terms
-Dividing Lines

The movie also includes several tips and tricks:

-Variables Tags and Data Column Types Descriptive List is available in your help documents and online Here.

-Entering variables into a text box provides default spacing and alignment for easy positioning.
– Drag and drop images files directly onto any visual template.
-Use of the DebtCategoryNotes data column type in an invoice: Here
-Double-clicking on an item box will allow you to move it using your keyboard arrow keys
-Right-click on an item to delete it

Here is the link to the Build a Simple Invoice Template Movie: