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The information maintained at the purchasing organization/factory level has priority over the information maintained at the level of the purchasing organisation. A>:- By creating a set of information through the ME11 transaction (reqd input data is Material Nr., Vendor, the purchasing organization and the factory in which the equipment is located), you can update the base rate of the price of the material concerned. You can maintain the price condition. such as the basic price of equipment, tax, transportation costs, etc. so that you put a clear view between the net price and the net effective price of the equipment (including freight etc.) In your case, if you update the price in the information dataset, then the delivery contract (SA) is to know. You will generate, after updating the information set, the price will be maintained in the latest update of the hardware information dataset. To ensure whether or not the system chooses the latest updated price. create an SA-Check. The customer level contains the following information: My company works with the delivery plan with external lenders as well as with the purchase of inter-companies. SA is long-term (in years), but price negotiations take place for a shooting period (one year or less). For each update of the purchase information set (according to Division X), the corresponding security data management is automatically updated (created/updated by Division Y). Any delivery plan established after the new effective PIR price should have the new price, and if there is no PIR price for that date, it should cause an error… I think if it is possible to use the user output (in PIR) to update the price in the associated delivery plans, if a purchase information set is changed…

3. You don`t need to manually enter the price into the calendar or PO agreement if it is available PIR. The information dataset is a combination of hardware and creditor that must be used to control prices, shipping and payment conditions, etc. for certain items and suppliers. It is a good tool to control costs. The rate for this can flow to POPO or PO also you can update the same. 1. The set of information data is a baseline that contains the latest price for a combination of materials/suppliers for a period of time. I tried for my planning contract, but the message is “no selection possible,” even though I met all the criteria. Is this an adaptation? How do you copy an SAP shopping list, if only the information that changes is creditor? If I make a delivery plan before the information set, I can`t link the article to the information phrase! >> Topic: UC: [sap-log-mm] Price update in The Calendar Agreement with Purchase 3. How can I ensure that every time a commodity is received, it is always done on the price of recording information? Sap-Einkaufsinfosatz is an important source of information for a buyer. When creating purchase parts, SAP purchase information data is transferred to the purchase document as default.

On 18.09.10 stonehenge via sap-log-mm wrote:>> Posted by stonehenge> on Sep 18 at 8:49 AM You> need a batch work, >>>> From: Dave Thornburgh via sap-log-mm <>>> An: stonehenge email@removed> Posted: Sa, 18 September 2010 07:43:30> Subject: RE: [sap-log-mm] Price update on calendar contract with purchase> Info update. >> Posted by Dave Thornburgh (SAP JOAT) > on Sep 17 at 22:23 Mark as useful> HT – >> I think you`re probably technically correct – recording information will not result in any change> anything about SA. On the other hand, if price control is > “delivery date,” it won`t have any effect? I don`t use SA`s> I don`t know if there`s a following document that represents each consulting/delivery > – which could have independent pricing regardless of the SA itself.>> Dave>> De: ha_tran via sap-log-mm []>> Sent: Friday, 17. September 2010 16:20> Year: Dave Thornburgh> Subject: RE:[sap-log-mm] Price update in schedule agreement a