Traineeship Agreement Template

Visit the FEDER page to find the corresponding erA model for the apprenticeship or internship sector, as well as additional information on the ERDF guidelines. This form can be used to apply to the graduation department if the Accredited Training Organization (SRTO) has ceased to work as a Registered Training Organization (RTO) for the apprentice before a final agreement is signed by the parties and the SRTO. Please note that the use of our models is subject to the information manual downloaded with the model. Be sure to read the documents carefully and get advice if you have any questions. I am requesting the permanent transfer of my training contract from my current employer to a new employer, and both employers agree that the transfer is taking place. Of course, you can enter into a contract yourself between the 3 parties or fulfill the model that your university or sending institution has made. This price applies only to the submission agreement. Advice or assistance regarding the completion of the presentation may be provided for an additional fee. Information on the training contract that must be signed by the employer and the apprentice or trainee at the beginning of an apprenticeship or internship training. This form applies to the service terminating the training contract for an apprenticeship or internship if the two parties agree. This form is used for the department to extend the nominal duration (end date) of the training contract and thus extend the apprenticeship or internship. This form is used to apply to the department to extend the trial period of an apprenticeship or internship.

The application must be submitted at least 14 days before the initial trial period expires. This form must be completed by the employer, apprentice and regulated training organization (SRTO) to inform the department when an apprentice has acquired all the skills required in his training program and a qualification has been issued by the SRTO. The department will then use this form to make an apprenticeship or internship contract. If you need advice or assistance with the conclusion of the model, we offer a consulting service. This is available for an additional fee. Please contact us for more information. Complete this part with your internship and define all the conditions through your relationships at all stages of the internship. Training and working time – Agreed tasks and detailed internship program – Learning results (such as skills and skills you have after your mobility) – Training time and working time – Goals and recognition – Follow-up and evaluation plan This optional presentation, once completed and signed, can be used by the parties as proof of their negotiated and agreed-upon timetable for school studies , the work and training of an apprentice or school apprentice.