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Janet Robinson, faculty leader of the CMS Transfer Center, attributes the success of the MSC transfer to the “extensive network of campus resources, consultants and instructors who are individually and collectively dedicated to the success of SMC students.” The news comes after SMC led the list of transfer students at the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) for the 26th consecutive year (“Santa Monica College Top in Transfers for 26th Straight Year,” October 26, 2016). SMC is the best transfer California Community College to USC! Learn more about the requirements of the adimission.

5) Also, although you transfer, USC/UC always check the high school grades correctly? What kind of sucks in my case because I have some low scores. :/ Is this really going to hinder my chances

This fall, CMS students accounted for 69 of the 374 transfers to Loyola Marymount University, or 18.5 percent, according to authorities. The second-class access school sent 21 students. “Loyola Marymount University still appreciates its relationship with Santa Monica College,” said Timothy Law Snyder, President of the LMU. “SMC always prepares a wonderful array of students who thrive in university and creative learning environments.” LMU and CMS officials are working on a transfer authorization agreement that ensures that CMS students who meet certain agreed requirements will be admitted to one of the university`s indicated colleges starting in the fall of 2018, officials said. Students who wish to transfer should know what courses have taken at El Camino College are accepted at the university/university. The college`s Scholars program prepares registered and eligible students to take rigorous high school courses through smaller classes taught by highly recommended faculties, as well as with intensive advice and support. Scholars will receive special transfer agreements with the UCLA College of Letters and Science (Transfer Alliance Program), UC Irvine, Loyola Marymount University, to name a few, a priority for admission. Some strengths of the 2019-2020 SMC transfer numbers: We have articulation agreements with private/independent colleges in California and printed consulting manuals in the asterisk-marked advice service.

Well. I`ve been thinking about moving from SMC to UCLA, but I`ve looked at USC`s opportunities for miners and they have a lot more opportunities

“The 2019-2020 academic year was unprecedented,” said Sara Nieves-Lucas, Faculty Director of SMC`s Interim Transfer Centre.

“Despite the strong start to the year, we were soon faced with a global pandemic. The SMC transfer team – Dr. Janet Robinson, Maria Bonin and Erika Knox – has decided to ensure that we provide the services that SMC students are used to. Since they could not come to campus for the many transfer workshops, we brought these workshops into their homes. We are so proud of our students, their resilience and motivation! They did not stand in the way of the pandemic. 

So, I have a few questions. Have many of you successfully switched from SMC to USC? Or do you know many of them? 2) USC does not accept the IGETC, does it? How did you opt for transferable courses? Did most of them just overlap at the end? 3) Continue with 2, USC seems to require fewer transferred classes. Did you apply for USC earlier than other colleges? Or did you wait to finalize the IGETC first to request uc`s and USC at the same time? 4) If you switch to a major with music, USC/UCLA accepts music classes for transfer? (such as theory, harmony, etc.)

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m currently visiting SMC also I discovered with UC, if you have completed the TAP program on the scholar program, do you have a very high chance of getting into UCLA for USC, the entry rate is much more difficult I think business transfer are like 25%? more, due to the lower requirements for transfer students in general within a year or so of luck

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