Zopa Loan Agreement

You must transfer all current subscriptions (including all credits in which you invested the subscriptions) and all interest you received for the loans, although subscriptions for previous years may be transferred in whole or in part. Note: Market Rate Adjustment It may happen that the returns projected on the loans you wish to sell are lower than the returns currently available to investors for loans that have expected results similar to yours. To encourage investors to buy your loan if this happens, we will develop an additional amount (the market rate adjustment) corresponding to the additional return they would expect to get and deduct it from the amount the new investor will have to pay you. We`ve developed an app to make managing your money stress-free. Keep up to date with your loan or investment, know your credit score and more. It`s easy to pay extra for your loan – and we don`t charge a 5 fee. 14 days of reflection for borrowers – With Zopa, borrowers who have taken out a loan have 14 days to change their mind, terminate the credit contract and return the money. A policy that Zopa has always had since our launch. To invest in a loan, you must transfer the amount you want to borrow from the customer account we have in a large high-street bank that we use for all Zopa customers. You can also send a cheque to Zopa Ltd. which is addressed to Zopa Ltd., 1st Floor Cottons Centre, 47-49 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QG.

It`s great. Simply activate the “Debt Consolidation” box if you want to consolidate an existing loan. In the “About You” section of the credit application, you have the option to consolidate your existing zepa loan and indicate the amount. Don`t forget to check the “Definitive Consolidation Authorization” box. If there is a discrepancy between this agreement and the terms of credit, the wording of the terms of credit applies. You can cancel your Zopa ISA within 14 days of the date of your application. You can do this by emailing us contactus@zopa.com. This has no impact on other parts of our agreement with you. December 6, 2019 We have added details on the circumstances under which we can use a backup service reuse and the increased charges that may be charged if we need to use a backup service reuse.

We have added details on credit service charges and loan sales fees. We`ve added details on how to hold your money. We have specified that Zopa Bank owns vehicles on behalf of investors. We have clarified our right to terminate this agreement. We will try to sell the amount you want to pay by playing a game with investors with funds they want to invest on the screen at the time of your application during the specified period (if any).