Agreement Between The United Mexican States And Japan For The Strengthening

As early as 1999, Japan established a Committee on Closer Economic Relations between Japan and Mexico within the Japan Foreign Trade Organization. This body published a report in 2000 concluding that a free trade agreement would be an effective way to strengthen economic relations between the two countries. In January 2002, Japan quickly concluded its first Free Trade Agreement (EPA) with Singapore. Negotiations with Mexico were slower and, for a while, it seemed that they were going to collapse completely because of the issue of agricultural liberalization. On 5 June 2001, the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Japan established a bilateral commission composed of scientists and members of the public and private sectors. The Japan-Mexico Joint Study Group on the Strengthening of bilateral Economic Relations, to study and study measures to strengthen trade and investment relations between Japan and Mexico and to analyze the desirability of a free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries. Meetings were held seven times. .