California Lease Agreement Covid

A constructive evacuation occurs when the acts or omissions of a lessor make the rental unit unsuitable for the dwelling or deprive the tenant of the use and enjoyment of the rental unit. Groh v. Kover`s Bull Pen, Inc., 221 Cal. App. 2d 611 (1963). A tenant is not responsible for the rent for the remainder of the rental period after the evacuation of the unit due to the constructive evacuation. Kulawitz v. The seemingly constant influx of tenants eager to pay entire leases in advance has largely disappeared. Rental offers are also below. According to StreetEasy economist Nancy Wu, supply and demand have declined. Check your lease to determine if there is a provision for early termination. Some rental agreements, although not most, have a provision that allows for termination if the tenant agrees to pay a tax that is likely less than paying the balance due.