Get the most out of your invoice templates by dynamically showing and hiding elements

Studiometry has a very powerful invoice and report template engine that gives you complete control over the content and branding of your invoices and estimates. One of the more powerful features is the ability to dynamically show or hide elements within your templates based on conditions. Some examples of how this can be used are:

  • Have a “Paid” watermark automatically appear whenever you send out a paid invoice.
  • Have an overdue warning appear when sending overdue invoices
  • Use the same template to display client retainer information for clients with retainers, but hide all of the retainer fields for clients without retainers. This helps to declutter invoices.
  • Hide entire blocks of text if the associated fields are empty. You can use this to hide a label if the associated variable has no content.

There are many other uses, and we’ve detailed what they are and how to do them in a KB article: Show/Hide Items Dynamically on Invoice/Report Templates

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