Studiometry 11.2 gets customizable calendars, 20% Off Sale

Customizable calendars! You can now create and edit custom calendars that let you sort, filter, and color items in your Studiometry calendar. What could you do with this?

• Quickly view schedules for teams of employees. Setup multiple teams and view all team schedules simultaneously.
• View upcoming meetings with potential clients.
• Change the color of to dos and events on projects with upcoming deadlines to RED because they’re IMPORTANT!
• Show only events with a high priority, or view high-priority events in a specific color (possibly RED?)
• Color everything in your calendar RED (don’t do that)

Calendars are saved into your calendars list. The filters, coloring, and settings are all stored so you can quickly view the exact data you’d like in Studiometry’s calendar view. Companies with multiple employees can also share calendars between employees, and admin users can assign calendars to other employees.

20% Off Licenses and Upgrades for One Week

To celebrate the new calendar features in Studiometry, we’re having a 20% off sale for all licenses, upgrades, and bundles of Studiometry, Studiometry Touch, and Accounted. The sale lasts for one week (a common unit of measurement in calendars) from August 12-19th. Head over to our store to make a purchase and save 20% today!

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