Studiometry 6.0.1 Update Available

Oranged Software would like to thank everyone who has been upgrading to Studiometry 6.x, and we would also like to welcome the new users to the Studiometry community. The Studiometry 6.0.1 update adds a couple of new features and tweaks and also fixes a few small issues. This update is free for all registered Studiometry 6.x users. See below for the full version history.

– Can now Invoice and Report to specific Contacts that are assigned to other Clients but associated with the Project via the People tab
– Optimized Items Awaiting Invoice section of Invoice Tracker window. Should now refresh in about one quarter of the time it took before
– Will load one to two seconds faster on setups with very little data
– Will now automatically fill in Quantity and Unit Price amounts when initially checking the appropriate checkboxes in the Debt/Credit window
– Made several changes to the Loading Status window when opening
– Fixed an issue where templates based on Data Rows displaying no items on the first page would not generate pages past the second page
– Fixed a display issue that would occur in a few places where negative numbers would not correctly have a minus sign in front of them
– Fixed an issue with Site Licenses registering incorrectly on some setups
– Fixed a few minor display issues with the main window

Download Studiometry 6.0.1 for Mac OS X
Download Studiometry 6.0.1 for Windows
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