Studiometry 6.0.3 Update Available

Yesterday it was 6.0.2, but we’ve found the fixes to a couple old issues as well as a new issue introduce in Studiometry 6.0.2, so today we give you 6.0.3! We would wait until Monday for the release but we didn’t want anyone to run into problems over the weekend. Enjoy!

– Fixed an issue where the check for invalid characters in an XML file wouldn’t run correctly on data files that had encryption turned off
– Fixed an issue with a crash caused by using specific template variables
– Fixed an issue introduce in 6.0.2 with specific templates not keeping CSS formatting
– Fixed an issue where spaces could be removed when reading the encoding for delimited text in the import window
– Will now always show a tax total of zero for Reports that have “Include Taxes” unchecked

Download Studiometry 6.0.3 for Mac OS X
Download Studiometry 6.0.3 for Windows
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