Studiometry 6.0.4 Update Available

Studiometry 6.0.4 is a routine update enhancing and tweaking several parts of the application. The full list of changes is available below. This update is free for registered users of Studiometry 6.x and can be downloaded immediately via the regular download links.

New In Version 6.0.4:
– Added new ClientInvoicedBalance tag for Invoices/Reports
– Will now show a total in the Items Awaiting Invoice section of the Invoice Tracker
– Will now correctly color Debt/Credits by their Project Colors in the Search window if the option is enabled
– Can now view and delete Orphaned Debt/Credits and Projects in the Search window
– Can now select and delete multiple Business Expense Debt/Credits in the Accounting window simultaneously
– Fixed a display issue where non-live Clients could show up in a report with the live only filter turned on if the setting to show tiers totaling zero was enabled
– Fixed an issue where the selected currency may not be saved when editing a Report
– Fixed a syncing issue where Projects wouldn’t appear correctly on initial sync when creating the Project on a Client machine when color is set to by category or by status
– Fixed a minor display issue with wording in the ID numbering section of the preferences window
– Fixed an issue where certain ID formats would not update immediately over a network
– Fixed an issue with report totals showing up incorrectly on systems with certain numbering formats
– Fixed a potential issue with the trial extension codes
– Additional information is now shown when using the Check for Orphaned Debt/Credits menu item
– Additional error checking in the Server broadcasting methods

Download Studiometry 6.0.4 for Mac OS X
Download Studiometry 6.0.4 for Windows
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