Studiometry 13.0.6 Released

New update with a lot of fixes and changes. You can now show some more details to clients logging in via Studiometry Cloud. We’ve also optimized and fixed some bottlenecks throughout the app. Full details below.

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What’s New in Studiometry 13.0.6:

  • Can now show Deadline, Start Date, Completed Date for Projects in Studiometry Cloud client interface
  • Viewing the To Do list of a parent project will now correctly update the Tags filter and allow for filtering the view by Tags
  • Improved the background checking for paid invoices when creating/editing payments so that it won’t stall on databases with a large number of unpaid invoices
  • New option in Preferences Window > Billing > Advanced Billing > Ask to use Client Retainer funds when editing previously created unpaid Invoices
  • Fixed issue where sorting in Project’s invoices screen doesn’t always work
  • When syncing to Studiometry Cloud, there will now be a longer period of time that is allowed after the client a request for updates from the server initially
  • Will now load Clients much faster if they have a large amount of historical invoices
  • Selecting a resource in the calendars list will now correctly show that resource’s events
  • Fixed issue with creating payment applied to multiple invoices where invoice paid date would not automatically populate to the correct date

Studiometry 13.0.6 is a free update for Studiometry Cloud users and registered users of Studiometry 13.x, and is available now for download and purchase. New users as well as users of previous versions will get a free 30-day trial. Upgrades from Studiometry 12.x start at $59.95 USD per license, while upgrades from 11.x or older are $99.95 USD per license.