Studiometry 15.0.4 Released

We’ve release a new version with various features and enhancements added to the recent Studiometry 15 release.┬áHere’s what’s new:

  • Can filter File menu > View All GANTT Charts window by employee
  • Organized the Advanced Billing window settings to allow for more advanced settings to fit in there!
  • Fixed issue with contextual menu Paste option not working for To Dos in certain situation
  • Will now once again display version build number in About window
  • Will now warn more vigorously when using the Cut command on To Dos
  • Can no longer click headers in the To Do suites window
  • Using the Export button in the To Do suites window will export the current list of pending suites instead of the saved list
  • Fixed a few potential crashes
  • Updated macOS SDK used to build app to 10.14

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Popular Kratom Capsule Brands

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Safety Precautions and Regulations

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