Sneak Peak: Studiometry 7.0 Watch List Feature (w/ movie)

Studiometry 7 will have a handy new feature called watch lists. Watch lists are employee-based lists where you can put a link to any item (client, project, invoice, etc) for easy access. There are 3 advantages to having an item on your watch list:

1. You can easily view specific data about items (such as client balance, invoice paid status, project hours, etc) directly in your main window immediately when you open Studiometry.
2. You can double click on any item in your watch list to view and edit the item. Quick access to your most pertinent items.
3. When an item is on your watch list, you can receive notifications via the new Notification features in Studiometry 7. Any time another user edits or deletes items on your watch list, you are sent a notification saying what happened, who did it, and when they did it. More info on notifications will be coming in an upcoming blog post.

We’ve made a quick overview movie of the watch list feature, available here:

Studiometry 7 is slated for a late Summer 2009 release. Be sure to keep an eye on the Studiometry Blog for more sneak peaks at upcoming features.