We sent a survey to several companies who moved from a self-hosted Studiometry server solution over to Studiometry Cloud. The survey asked how they felt about the transition, the performance of Cloud syncing, and other aspects of how Studiometry Cloud has improved their Studiometry experience.

Kristine Johnson from Cognition Studios, Inc.

How does Studiometry Cloud compare to “traditional” Studiometry syncing? Drastically better!

Studiometry Cloud has dramatically sped up my team, creating ease and efficiency and transparency into workloads. We can’t say enough good things about this product. We’ve used it for several years, and it’s seen us through extreme growth and has the capacity to scale with our needs. It’s fast, easy, efficient and we are utilizing all the new tools such as forms and cloud syncing.

Fantastic customer service. When we moved to the cloud, they were there to assist every single step of the way, including on a Sunday!! Their team is savvy to business owners needs and able to predict my needs before they arose, which allowed me to save time and speed the process. They were lifesavers!

Mike Meiners from Icon Marketing Communications

How does Studiometry Cloud compare to “traditional” Studiometry syncing? Drastically better!

We’ve had long syncing times in the past. Cloud sync is significantly faster. If you are experience slow sync times, it has definitely been a huge improvement. It also simplifies having to do any hosting or VPN workarounds for offsite access.

I’m always impressed with how the developer constantly incorporates user feedback to continually improve Studiometry.

Jeff Cole at Subway

The upgrade was flawless. Not having to manage a local server and the associated backups has been a huge time saver and reduced the time spent and responsibility of managing an additional server.

Studiometry brought us light years ahead of the old paper driven or excel spread sheet driven creative department. Our Design, Production and Traffic department have seen major boosts in on time delivery, job tracking, reporting, time management. With Studiometry we have been able to actualize costs and profits as well as document and show case studies that have allowed our creative department acquire additional staff.