Organize your entire business with just one app.

Studiometry puts everything you need at your fingertips, making it easier to find what you’re looking for and to track what you’re doing.

CLIENTS Track information about all of the organizations and people you work with. Studiometry lets you sort clients into categories and groups, and follow progress as leads become confirmed clients.
PROJECTS Manage your projects from start to finish. Create project estimates, assign employees, track tasks, record expenses and hours, and create invoices. Powerful planning and reporting features are also included.
TASKS Keep tabs on what needs to be done. Tasks can be linked to clients or projects and assigned to specific employees. Auto-populate common projects with task suites to jumpstart your projects.
HOURS Features like running timers, timesheets and weekly timesheets help you easily track and enter worked hours. Create an unlimited number of customizable rates and view reports based on category, employee, and more.
EXPENSES Enter miles, materials, or any other type of expense associated with your projects. Easily calculate markups, quantities, and default amounts for an unlimited number of custom expense types.
INVOICES Send beautifully-branded invoices with just one click. Create custom invoice templates that show the information you want, just the way you want it.
PAYMENTS Track incoming payment information for invoices, projects, or client retainers. And export it to popular accounting solutions such as Accounted or Quickbooks.

Know what's happening.

Managing your business can feel like a juggling act. Studiometry is the extra hand you need to keep from dropping the ball. With just one look, Studiometry shows you if projects are about to go over budget and alerts you of which tasks and invoices are overdue. It also generates comprehensive reports of employee and project activity to keep you up to speed.


Studiometry Cloud is here!

Studiometry Cloud is a whole new way to use Studiometry. Synchronize your data to any number of machines and iOS devices. No setup, servers, or licenses required!


Make Studiometry yours.

Brand and customize your invoices and estimates, create detailed summaries, or set up unique billing structures. With hundreds of options, Studiometry can be customized to work the way you do.


Automate, Adapt, Integrate

Automate tasks like recurring charges and scheduled invoicing. This saves you the time and hassle of entering repetitive items manually.
Adapt Studiometry to your business and work more efficiently. You can create and share Smart Groups with customizable rules to quickly view and access subsets of your data.
Integrate with apps you use every day, such as Contacts, Apple Mail, Calendar, Accounted, and Quickbooks.

Your Platforms, Your People

Native Cross-Platform Apps

Our native apps for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad are designed with your device in mind for the best user experience possible. You can sync business information securely across any combination of computers and devices.
Great for Groups or Freelancers

Studiometry is ideal for small businesses of all sizes, from single-users to companies of 2-50 employees. Configure multiple employees with granular permissions or tailor the app to run as a freelance setup.

Happy Users in Countless Industries

People across all industries depend on Studiometry to run their businesses, including consulting, law, photography, design, and production, among others. Adapt Studiometry to your business by using one of our industry-specific templates.

“Studiometry is the most valuable piece of software we have in our office, in fact, I’d close up shop before trying to run our shop any other way.”
David Esrati, President The Next Wave
“We have become more organized and efficient in our time keeping, more precise in our invoicing and our customers now know exactly what services they are paying for.”
Lowell Rice | boxed art media, LLC
“NOTHING has the flexibility and is the complete solution like Studiometry. ”
Invert Design
“Combining great design with incredibly useful features, this program is a true standout in its field.” 
Cnet Reviews