“If I had this software 15 years ago, more people would know our name. Studiometry not only makes us money, it helps us do better work for our clients. I once spent $3,000 on agency management software, but you can buy this software for a lot less and benefit from my mistakes. Studiometry is the most valuable piece of software we have in our office, in fact, I’d close up shop before trying to run our shop any other way.”

David Esrati, President
The Next Wave



Lowell Rice | boxed art media, LLC

I have been using Studiometry since 2002 to track billable hours for my business. The fact that our company has such a wide range of projects and skill sets made it extremely difficult to keep track of hours and their associated rates when we first started out. Studiometry allowed us to assign rates to both projects and employees so that it was a simple point, click and select to track our hours for our clients. This was a huge improvement over the “pen and paper to Excel” workflow we had been using before this. Fewer errors and better tie in to descriptions for our invoicing allowed us to have a better dialogue with customers both during the project and during our billing & invoicing cycle with them.

Since using Studiometry we have become more organized and efficient in our time keeping, more precise in our invoicing and our customers now know exactly what service(s) they are paying for. This means a lot fewer calls about an invoice and happier customers. A few of them have even switched over to Studiometry from their time/billing programs based upon the ease of use and accurate invoicing exhibited by our company. The flexibility of the ‘Code Based Reports and Invoices" allowed us to completely customize our documents and reports generated by Studiometry. To get the same level of customization with most other apps that we looked at would require a custom programmer to come in and add onto those applications or a lot of data manipulation after the fact. That we can do so within the application is a huge bonus.

The support from Oranged Software staff has been amazing. Over the years we have found needs, for both our own implementation of Studiometry, but also in deployments of Studiometry for our clients, including a law office with very specific requirements from their billing application. The turn around time on most issues or even feature requests has been phenomenal. Plus the professionalism of the staff in working with us and our clients is commendable and one of the chief reasons for not only using Studiometry but also referring our customers.

Given that we are a 100% Mac shop, I cannot imagine running without Studiometry. It just makes our lives so much easier. And, we are now on the verge of moving our QuickBooks implementation over to Accounted once we are able to close out this fiscal year. That is just another bonus of the system integration and continued excellent work from Oranged SW.

Thanks to Tom and Nick and all the other staff at Oranged SW, we can keep focusing on our work instead of tracking it. That keeps our staff and customers happy. And that makes us very happy.

Kathryn Presner | Zoonini Web Services

I’ve been a devoted Studiometry user since 2005. Before Studiometry, billing clients was a tedious task I would put off doing for as long as possible.

Switching to Studiometry made it incredibly easy to track how much time I’m spending on each project, and makes invoicing for that project a snap. It handles complex Canadian tax scenarios with ease and generates professional-looking invoices. Studiometry has run smoothly and without issues for four years. When I recently ran into a problem when upgrading, Orange Software’s customer support was exemplary. I received a response to my ticket promptly, and a full resolution to my problem in less than one business day, with personal service by phone and email. I would not hesitate to recommend Studiometry to anyone looking for a full-featured desktop time-tracking and invoicing program.

Invert Design

Since starting business back in 1999, it’s always been a goal of mine to find the best studio management system we could possibly find. I’ve been all over the web, spent countless hours, and had patiently tested most systems out there. From the expensive top end systems like Job Bag and Streamline, to cost comparative systems like Daylight and Merlin… let me tell you… NOTHING has the flexibility and is the complete solution like Studiometry.

With it’s great project setup, time billing & invoicing features, network capabilities and constant upgrades… Studiometry is basically the only solution I’ve used that I’d recommend to other design studios. Period.

Thanks for thinking of what I need before I do! You guys rock!




“We see a lot of project management programs, and they are almost without exception confusing and frustrating to use. Studiometry, we are happy to report, is a huge exception to this trend. Combining great design with incredibly useful features, this program is a true standout in its field.”

…it has some exceptional features for tracking projects and creating to-do lists. It’s a bit like culling the best features from QuickBooks and a good project manager into one seamless, easy-to-use app.”

“Measured on its own terms Studiometry is a polished way to track projects. It’s speedy, intuitive and although it’s had a price rise, it’s still inexpensive compared to its competitors.”

“It’s their self-proclaimed “ultimate” organizational tool for professionals. In this case it is indeed the “ultimate”. It has so many useful features it’s ridiculous and my words really can’t do it justice.”

“A cleanly designed application that is well thought out with plenty of little aids to make your professional life a bit easier.”

Internet User Reviews

“I’ve used Studiometry for a long time now, and there really aren’t many products that can compete with the features it has. And with each new version the developer has added new, useful features. The cost is very reasonable for anyone using this to run a real business.” -ERICSACKETT

“The guys at Oranged.net offer a really incredible support service, they provide a very often immediate response, it’s truly second to none service and this has got to be a real benefit for any small businesses or freelancer.” -ANDREW ROSS

“I’ve been using Studiometry for a couple months now and it’s been excellent for my needs. Makes tracking work and invoicing a LOT easier than it was with my old accounting software. It lets me track everything that I need to track for my development business (invoices, expenses, vendors, etc) for taxes and such, but simplifies out a lot of the accounting details that just burned time.” -ADAMAFLYNN

“We couldn’t be happier with Studiometry. We have 5 people in our office (and two that connect to the database remotely) and we’ve had nary a problem. The software does exactly what we need to run our shop and we couldn’t track our business without it. A++” -concretion

“I literally tried about twenty different programs (including Billings, Daylite, Quickbooks, etc). I forget them all. I tried online browser based versions as well as desktop versions. For me Studiometry was the clear winner.” -Lena Shore

“For anybody thinking about trying this out I would really recommend it. 5/5” -rob196